History of Massage
Providing online continuing education classes honoring the History of Massage and the roots of positive touch.
Judi Calvert Massage Ambassador
Judi Calvert - Massage Ambassador

Frequently Asked Questions about classes

How do your course/classes work?

All the material you need will need to complete the classes will be available for you online and through your email.

  • You will be presented with an online class followed by an online multiple choice Exam.
  • You must pass the Exam with 70% or better in order to be able to Download your Certificate
  • You must complete the class and Download you Certificate within 30 days.


After I place an order for a home study or online course/class, what happens next?

Once you place an order online you will be presented with a "thank you" screen informing your order was processed.

  • If you want to begin your class right away, there is a link at the bottom of the page.
  • An email was sent to you with a link to your class that you can access anytime for 30 days. 

Go to your email account and open the link to your class. If you cannot find the email, please check your junk or spam folder. From your email, you have access to your class, exam, and certificate for 30 days from the time of purchase.


How long do I have to complete the course/class?

You will have 30 days to complete the class from the day of purchase. You can start and stop the class as many times as you like and take the exam as many times. You need to take the Class, pass the Exam and Download your Certificate within 30 days.


How does online testing/examination work? What are the EXAM questions like?

Once you complete the class you must take an online EXAM that you must pass that test with a 70% score or better. If you do not pass with a score higher than 70%, you will be asked to take the test again. Review the material by scrolling through the video.

The exam questions are multiple-choice questions and are drawn directly from the content of the class. There are five test question per one hour of CE credit and each question will have five possible answers. 


What happens if I fail my exam, online?

You do not pass your exam with 70% or better you will be asked to take the exam again. 

  • Simply take the exam again in an attempt to pass at 70%.
  • You can go back into the course material by scrolling through the video or re-watch the entire class. 

‚ÄčSome credit amounts will not equal 70% so a higher grade might be required.


Will I receive a display certificate?

Yes, a certificate of completion will be available to download after you complete your class and exam. Once you download your certificate, you can print a black-and-white certificate for display or simply save the download onto your desktop or into a folder on your computer for a potential audit. You will be presented with a certificate of completion for every class that you complete.


I lost my certificate, what can I do?

If you downloaded your certificate after completing the class and exam, then it should still be on your computer in the "downloads folder". If you have deleted or lost the ability to access your certificate then simply send an email to historyofmassage@gmail.com and we can look your order up and resend you a link to your certificate.


Will you report my CE hours to the NCBTMB or my state board?

No, you will have access to download and save your certificate after you complete a class and exam. It is your responsibility to report your hours to the NCBTMB state board. You will need to keep your certificate, as stated by your organizations' laws and rules, in the case of an audit.


What is your guarantee and return policy?

You will have 30 days to complete your class, pass an exam and download your certificate after purchasing. If you do not complete your class within 30 days, the link to your class will become invalid. If this happens, please feel free to contact us and we can discuss additional options.

How do I contact your office?

Contact my office at:

historyofmassage@gmail.com or by calling 509-624-5609